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"BUTTONS" Taylor

Marketing Intern

"Windham is pretty much the closest you'll get to meeting a real-life version of the World's Most Interesting Man." – Liz Murphy


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Let's start with the basics.

I came to BS+Co. with two years of experience working in-house for a large online retailer. I'm currently working on my bachelor's degree in marketing from the University of Tennessee and will graduate in 2022.

Before moving to Tennessee, I was an infantry Marine from 2014 to 2018. I'm passionate about travel and motorcycles and, after leaving the military, I rode my motorcycle through 13 countries, with my final destination being the tip of South America. Outside of work you'll find me outdoors, working out, or listening to the latest "Authority Hacker" podcast

My Companies...


At My Happiest...

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What gets me up in the morning...

+ Email marketing

+ Leadership development

+ Sales

+ On-page SEO

+ Prospecting

+ Negotiation